A Successful and Supportive Traineeship

When I commenced my Traineeship with Miller Hendry, I was quite unsure as to how it would work in light of COVID-19. After nearly a year, however, I can say that it has been much better than I could have ever predicted.

The Firm’s support system has been of a very high calibre, especially the support staff, the IT department, and the Estates team.

The support staff have been excellent in taking dictations, scanning Letters, printing documents, posting things, and generally providing that much needed assistance on so many random events. In short, their help has been invaluable.

The IT department have been extremely helpful throughout my Traineeship. On my first day, I was given a laptop containing everything that I would need to succeed. I am a longstanding user of Macs, so getting acquainted with Windows and a PC has been a learning curve — but a good one! They have provided quick and comprehensive assistance on everything for which I have required their help, and I can only appreciate their skill.

The Estates team have been very helpful as well, such as by providing me with a second screen and an office chair for working at home. My working life would have been quite uncomfortable without their assistance!

My supervisor and the other solicitors at the Firm have been brilliant. I have been given a wide array of tasks, from filing scans to drafting obscure forms, from writing Letters to utility companies to Letters advising clients of their various courses of action, and from drafting Wills to drafting Executry Accounts. I have even been given some Matters for which I am the main point of contact for the clients. I have learned a massive amount, for which I can only be grateful.

Thus, I have had a fantastic experience as a Trainee Solicitor at Miller Hendry.

Applications are now being accepted for two Traineeships commencing  September 2022. For more information and to apply https://www.millerhendry.co.uk/about-miller-hendry/careers/traineesolicitor/