A Traineeship Experience During Lockdown

In March 2021, I started my two-year legal traineeship at Miller Hendry to become a solicitor.  With some restrictions still in place when I started and most staff working from home, the traineeship has been a bit different to how I initially pictured it when I was first offered the position.  However, Miller Hendry quickly adapted to the new working restrictions, and this has also been reflected in my traineeship.

Although I was used to working from home in my previous job, I was slightly worried about how I would be able to meet and communicate with my new colleagues.  Thankfully my concerns disappeared quickly as from the first day, I received video calls, messages and emails from my colleagues introducing themselves and welcoming me to Miller Hendry, which allowed me to introduce myself as well.  I have also been able to work in the office two days a week, which I have really enjoyed as I have been able to meet some of my colleagues in person whilst also learning the internal processes.

Thanks to the help of our IT services, I have been able to attend meetings with clients over Zoom and observe how solicitors in the firm conduct client interviews, whilst also building relationships with our clients.  This was one aspect I was concerned I would not have much experience in but instead, I have been able to attend several client meetings and have even led my own meetings in person, when restrictions have allowed this.  Also, the communication I have had with colleagues has been stellar.  Whether it is feedback from work I have produced or asking a quick question about a matter I am working on, I have always been able to speak to my colleagues to ask for their help with this.  Regardless of whether I am working from home or in the office, I have had no issues with receiving help or advice, which has aided me to complete my work.

One year on from when I first started, I have, so far, undertaken a seat in the firm’s Private Client department and Residential Property.  I am currently working in the Commercial Department. It has been very beneficial to work in different areas of law to see what work is involved and to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day tasks in each role.  I am thoroughly looking forward to completing my seat in the Commercial Department and Court Department in the second year of the traineeship.

The traineeship has challenged me and there has been a lot to learn but I have been grateful to receive such amazing support since starting at the firm.  Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly, which has allowed me to settle into the job.

Applications are now being accepted for two Traineeships commencing  September 2022. For more information and to apply https://www.millerhendry.co.uk/about-miller-hendry/careers/traineesolicitor/