What does ‘Offers Over’ mean and how much more will I need to offer? How does making an Offer work?

Posted on Mar 07 2018 | by Amanda Frenz, Partner

Offers over is an indication that the sellers hope to receive an offer over the asking price. That isn’t necessarily always the case, it depends on the market conditions, how long a property has been on for, whether there is any competition etc. Come and speak to us and we will try to secure the property for you for the best possible price.

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What is a Note of Interest and does it mean that someone will buy my property?

Posted on Feb 21 2018 | by Elaine Kerr, Director of Property

A Note of Interest is an expression from a viewer that they are interested in your property and would like to be kept up to date with matters, for example if a closing date is set.

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What is a Note of Interest and how does that work?

Posted on Feb 07 2018 | by Amanda Frenz, Partner

If you are interested in a property you can try to make an informal note of interest yourself, which most agents will accept. Some agents ask you to note interest through your solicitor.

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How long will it take to sell my property, and what if it doesn’t sell?

Posted on Jan 17 2018 | by Kevin McGillivray, Valuation Manager

We can’t always predict how long it will take to sell a property, but we can provide our best ‘guesstimate’ based on our expert knowledge of the market conditions at the time.

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What is an EPC rating, what is a Home Report and why do they matter?

Posted on Jan 03 2018 | by Elaine Kerr, Director of Property

There is a legal requirement for all new properties to be marketed with a Home Report. A Home Report is a pack containing three documents, a Property Questionnaire, a Single Survey and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

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How does a viewing work? Will I need to be there or it or is it handled by the Estate Agent?

Posted on Dec 13 2017 | by Elaine Kerr, Director of Property

One of the most important parts of the home-selling process is showing your home. You may be apprehensive showing strangers around your property, but bear in mind that the viewers may also be anxious, as they are in a strange environment.

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How does a viewing work? Do I need to make an appointment or can I just turn up?

Posted on Nov 29 2017 | by Elaine Kerr, Director of Property

As a buyer, you usually will need to contact the selling agent to arrange a viewing at an agreed time. Try to go during daylight hours so that you can see the property in its best light and spot any potential defects. If the property is in a busy location, go at different times of the day to see if there are any parking issues, or to see whether the traffic noise might be a problem for you.

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What’s the benefit of having my property photographed professionally?

Posted on Nov 01 2017 | by Kevin McGillivray, Valuation Manager

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In today’s market, buyers are likely to get their first look at your home as they browse through property listings online. Often using mobile devices, they have very high visual expectations, short attention spans and they require clear information instantly. Quality photography matters more today than ever before.

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What kind of costs do I need to budget for when I am buying a property?

Posted on Oct 18 2017 | by Amanda Frenz, Partner

When you buy a property and move home, there are some upfront fees to think about, as well as your mortgage costs. Make sure you include all of these when you work out your overall budget.

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What kind of costs do I need to budget for when I am selling a property?

Posted on Sep 20 2017 | by Kevin McGillivray, Valuation Manager

Following the property appraisal, you will receive, in writing, an estimate of the agent’s fees. This will clearly show what is required to be paid, some of which may be upfront, and the remainder from the sale proceeds.

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